Danny Phantom
Artist Name
Danny Phantom
Born Date
12th August 1988
Birth Place
Drum and Bass
Year activate

Danny Phantom  Biography

Danny Phantom comes from Peterborough and has been DJing since 2006, growing and developing different forms of mixing and recording both on and off the turntables to form his trademark quick and harmonic mix style that gets peoples feet tapping in seconds.

Musically he started a lot earlier, playing the guitar from the age of 8, where he learnt a lot of his theoretical knowledge. Like everything he does, this involvement escalated and took a different turn as he started writing and recording his own stuff, releasing several tracks and an EP: Secondhand Rose. Secondhand Rose featured a few tracks that he overlaid with samples and drum loops, and from that point it was clear his music was taking a more electronic route.

In 2006 Danny Phantom went to university where he was exposed to a wider selection of electronic music from House to Drum and Bass, and this is where he began to look more into producing and DJing. After watching an episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Malcolm’s dad set up and ran a pirate radio station he decided to take his new skills to the airwaves, and just like that, Robot Radio was born.

Robot Radio (yes, thats correct, not Radio Robot…) was raw, just the way we like listening to dirty electronic sounds. It featured Andy Warlock as co-host and a massive selection of local guests, features, and call ins/messages from the audience. It was this interaction with the fans that really hooked Danny Phantom. From being sat in his uni apartment with nothing but a laptop, software and a load of tunes he was able to reach people far and wide, and spread his love for music.

Unfortunately when the second year of uni finished, and him and Andy Warlock went on placement that looked like the end of the road. But he didn’t give up there, he invested in some Technics 1210’s, put together a new site, and built on what he had already achieved. Radio Robot was back, and born again.

By this point he was honing his DJing skills to one particular genre of music, Drum and Bass. All forms of electronic music has upbeat, downbeat tracks, but he felt that DnB in particular had everything he was after, and this started coming through in the shows and podcasts as he became absorbed in everything it had to offer. His record collection was filled with 12″ from Hospital and Ram Record Labels as his shows and mixes gained momentum.

After finally finishing university Radio Robot got put on hold, it was too much for Danny Phantom to juggle with his new career, but he kept into it by releasing a few mixes here and there under the title: Early Learning Centre. The purpose of these mixes was to inspire people into certain scenes, and give them a feel for what it was all about. After entering one of his mixes into an online Hospital Record Label mix competition he got a phenomenal response, getting 500 listens in a few hours. He finished the competition 3rd, but people were crying out for more from him and his quick and technical style.

So, Radio Robot was bought back to life once more. Danny Phantom is building on all his previous hard work to bring his music, mix style, and love of Drum and Bass to people far and wide. And whats the best way to do that? Live radio shows, live gigs, podcasts, and more of what he loves doing – DJing and having a laugh

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